Homeowner Association Management Service in Mississippi

Watson Realty & Management

Providing Professional Homeowners Association Management Services in Madison, Rankin, and Hinds Counties in Central Mississippi.

Neighborhood Management Services

Watson Realty & Management can provide the folowing services;

Weekly Activity

  • Neighborhood drive through to identify covenant violations and maintenance issues
    • Provide report to appropriate parties of identified issues
  • Provide hand delivered and mailed notices to homeowners of violations and concerns
  • Facilitate ARC review of homeowner/builder improvements
  • Minor repairs and maintenance new construction (Materials not included)
  • Email Notices to residents as necessary


Monthly Activity

  • Bookkeeping (preparation of periodic cash receipt/disbursement statements)
  • Maintenance/reconciliation of HOA bank accounts.
  • Receipt and Payment of all HOA bills
  • Receipt and accounting of all homeowner assessments
  • Invoicing for homeowners assessments
  • Maintain list of current homeowners
  • Prepare minutes for board meetings
  • Maintain dedicated email accounts for Board and Resident use (if requested, i.e. gmail account)
  • Attend board meetings as necessary


Annual Activity

  • Propose annual budgets
  • Request and negotiate bids for services and review contracts as needed
  • Prepare annual 1120-H tax return for filing with IRS
  • Prepare and file with the IRS all 1099 forms for vendors
  • Deliver notices for the annual HOA meeting
  • Attend annual Homeowners meeting
  • Prepare minutes for the annual HOA meeting
  • Secure site for the annual HOA meeting


Other Services and Options as Requested

  • File liens on delinquent homeowners for unpaid assessments
  • Contract out legal services as the Board may require
  • Coordinate and supervise capital improvement projects
  • Maintenance Staff available as needed
  • Website development and maintenance
    • Includes posting of bylaws and covenants
    • Meeting notices
    • Payment of dues online
    • Online Calendar of Neighborhood notices and events



  • Monthly Fee: To be Negotiated